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Guaranteed work placements and
industry ready tech skills
for students at UK Universities

work placements and industry ready tech skills
for students at
UK Universities

University Partnerships

CodeBliss offers bespoke solutions to universities seeking to be at the cutting edge of work placements in tech.

Student Tech Fastrack

Join our Professional Skills Academy today for industry exposure and learning in-demand coding skills.

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CodeBliss has a pool of talented developers with the skills and experience your clients would love.

Leadership Team

CodeBliss was formed out of a deep belief in the life-changing power of education. We believe that a good education should ensure students are well prepared for their future careers and provide value to employers from day one.

We also believe in great code. A firm commitment to robust, elegant solutions is at the heart of everything we do.

Anna Dearden

Anna Dearden

Founder and CEO

Anna has always had a passion for the life-changing potential of education and has over 15 years’ experience both as a teacher and in education management in the UK and in India. This has given her a unique perspective on the needs of both UK and international students and more recently she has been working with UK universities to enhance their recruitment of international students, particularly from the Indian sub-continent.

Anna has recently been focusing on equipping students with the skills they need to excel in industry. To this end she has been working with experts to develop training in critical thinking, persuasive communication, intellectual risk taking, conflict resolution, mindset, leadership and teamworking skills.

Anna’s interest in curriculum design, assessment and quality management in education started while studying at the University of Cambridge and has been developed through her professional work as a teacher and education manager. Anna is a trustee at an independent school with specific responsibility for standards. She is also working with international schools to develop rigorous systems with regard to curriculum, assessment and quality assurance.

Gorav Bhootra

Gorav Bhootra

Chief Technical Officer

Gorav has over a decade of experience delivering custom built software solutions for startups and SMEs. He is well connected in the IT industry and has worked for businesses across the globe in four continents delivering projects ranging from MVPs to large-scale distributed apps. He participates regularly at international IT conferences.

Gorav has always enjoyed building teams of developers and multidisciplinary tech teams. His experience in mentoring freshers and students extends beyond the workplace to university campuses, mentoring at community tech meetups and delivering courses in personal development and transferable skills. Gorav is currently a member of the School Learning and Teaching Committee at the University of Buckingham.

He is a polyglot programmer with experience in Ruby on Rails (Object-oriented programming), Elixir (Functional programming), Phoenix framework, ReactJS (Javascript library). He has worked in diverse roles such as Chief Technical Officer, Solutions Architect, Delivery Head, Developer, DevOps engineer and delivering projects including ERP systems and Business Apps, Online Marketplaces, Social Networking Apps and Ecommerce Apps.

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